Tuesday, 07 April 2020 5 Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter with Children


Most children know that Easter brings chocolate bunnies, fluffy yellow chicks, egg hunts and pink wicker baskets filled with you guessed it — more chocolate, but do they know why we celebrate Easter? And how can you teach your child or grandchild the real message of Easter without giving them a sermon?

Here are five creative ways to help teach children the powerful story of Easter and how they can relate to the story at any age.

1. Share the story of Easter with a beautiful picture book

Children love reading and especially love being read to, so cuddle up with your bundle of joy and share the story of Easter and how Jesus came for everyone as part of God’s plan.

We've compiled a selection of new books and Easter classics for children of every age. Happy Browsing!

For 3+ Years

My Own Little Easter Story

Christina Goodings, Amanda Gulliver

An appealing, small format book that introduces young children to the Easter story.The retelling is very simple and straightforward, easy to understand and remember.

The warm and gentle illustrations will be loved by toddlers.

The Promised One

Antonia Woodward

Jesus made sick people well, he made food for thousands, cared for the lonely and the needy. He was like no one else, and the people believed the Promised One — God-on-earth — had arrived. But others were not so sure. This is the story of God's plan and how Jesus came for everyone, everywhere, for all time. Let Antonia Woodward's beautiful retelling take you back to the heart of the very first Easter.

On That Easter Morning

Elena Pasquali, Alison Jay

Alison Jay has illustrated many books for children, and her beautiful paintings are instantly recognisable. In this book, see the death and resurrection story of Jesus interpreted in her own unique style, using vignettes, borders and full page art to accompany a sincere retelling of the Easter story.

There are many intriguing people, animals and landscapes to look at along the way, bursting with new details to find with a young child, as you share the story of that special morning.

The Story of Easter

Mary Joslin, Alida Massari

A classic retelling of the first Easter, drawing on key episodes from the Gospels and explaining Biblical story for children aged five to seven.

Alida Massari's distinctive illustrations feature throughout with a mixture of full page art, vignettes, and borders in elegant shades of blue, yellow and green.

Poems and Prayers for Easter

Sophie Piper

This poetry anthology includes both jolly and thought-provoking poems and prayers, old and new, to take the reader on a journey through the Easter season and the themes of faith, new life, love, hope and the joys of Spring.

The giftable hardback format makes this a special book to share at home, whilst the wide scope of the poems makes this equally valuable for teachers looking for assembly and classroom resources .

2. Chapter Books for older children give more depth to the Easter story

Chapter Books, like Easter Stories by Bob Hartman, give more depth to the events and characters involved in the Easter story. Check out Bob Hartman's new classic below that includes some of Bob Hartmans' favourite storytelling tips!

Easter Stories: A Storyteller Book

Bob Hartman

Part of Bob Hartman's bestselling Lion Storyteller series, Bob Hartman retells a selection of Easter stories in his own inimitable style. This collection of 23 stories includes the key Bible accounts of the events of the first Easter from Palm Sunday through to Jesus' resurrection, encounters with his friends and followers, and the ascension.

Bob Hartman's retellings of familiar and sometimes serious tales are fresh and engaging, making these Bible stories accessible to the young and not-so-young.

3. Get creative with Easter activities

Children love to do activities. Here are some wonderful Easter activity books that are jam-packed with creative Easter crafts your children or granchildren are sure to love!

Easter! Fun Things to Make and Do

Christina Goodings

Crammed with fifty crafts and creative ideas perfect for spring and Easter. Each craft is accompanied by simple step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Make divine decorations, Easter baskets, chirpy chicks, creative cards, and more!

Easter Activity Fun Pack of 5

Tim Dowley

A pack of 5 copies of this fun Easter-themed activity book packed with puzzles, pictures, dot-to-dots, hidden objects, all based around this important Bible story, that will keep even the most inquisitive young minds busy!

Fun for all the family as they learn and play.

4. Get them stickering!

Children LOVE stickers. And sticker books are their favourite. Here are some wonderful Easter activity sticker books that your children and grandchildren will adore!

My Carry-along Little Bunny's Easter

Christina Goodings, Cathy Hughes

An endearing Easter bunny-themed book containing games, puzzles, crafts and stickers. Keeps little hands busy during the Easter holiday season and offers an introduction to the reason for celebrating at this special time.

Includes a retelling of the Easter story and a variety of crafts.

My Look and Point First Easter Stick-a-Story Book

Christina Goodings, Annabel Hudson

A fantastic sticker book in series with the popular Look and Point Bible. The story of The First Easter is told over five double page spreads with spaces in the story to be filled in, and extra activities at the bottom of the page and at the back of the book.

Annabel Hudson's cute, cut-out effect artwork is the perfect style for these Bible story sticker books.

Easter Sticker Book

Karen Williamson, Amanda Enright

A delightful sticker book retelling the Easter story, whilst helping children to understand the true meaning of the Easter season. Sensitively depicting the story of Easter, from Palm Sunday through to the good news of Jesus' resurrection with clear and simple text and bright colourful stickers.

Children search for the correct stickers and place them on each page to help illustrate the story.

5. Complete an Easter family jigsaw together

Enjoy the extra time you have together over Easter to complete our beautiful 260 piece Easter jigsaw with your family and children.

Easter Jigsaw

Tim Dowley, John Rabou

Exciting 260 piece jigsaw showing scenes from the Easter story and Jerusalem. Complete the puzzle and see how and where it all happened. How many important events can you find as you put the pieces together?