Matt Searles Explains the Bible in God’s Story

9 March 2021

A deeply researched and vibrantly illustrated overview and explanation of the Bible

This month we have a brilliant new book that has received wide support and praise, God’s Story The Bible Explained by Matt Searles. This deeply researched and vibrantly illustrated book explains the Bible and clearly sets out the grand narrative of scripture.

By linking each of its many parts back to the whole, God’s Story moves beyond simply retelling biblical stories to help us to see how the Bible remains vitally relevant to our daily lives.

Giving historical context and theological insight, this book functions as both an accessible introduction for new readers of the Bible and an effective guide for those looking to grow their understanding of God’s word.

Watch a short talk about God’s Story The Bible Explained by Matt Searles below.

What Others Are Saying

“God’s Story is a delight!… Those who have never opened a Bible and those who read the Bible every day will return to God’s Story again and again.” James Robson, Ministry Director, Keswick Ministries

“I recommend this book for families, for teachers, for all who study the Scriptures. Here is an accessible and reliable guide to the storyline of the Bible.” Tom Schreiner, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author of The King in His Beauty

“Carefully put together and beautifully illustrated, I am sure this will be an invaluable resource for those who have read the Bible many times and those opening its pages for the first time. Both will be inspired to dig deep into the greatest story ever told and find lasting treasure.” Carolyn Lacey, author, and speaker

“God’s Story provides a wonderful map to help you navigate your way around. It is clear, engaging and beautifully illustrated. Best of all it shows how, when it comes to the Bible, all roads lead to Jesus.” Tim Chester, faculty member of Crosslands Training

“This is a superb overview of the Bible’s storyline: crystal clear, brilliantly illustrated and full of fresh insights. It is ideal both as an introduction for those who are unfamiliar with the territory and as an enriching guide for seasoned Bible readers.” Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford. Author of God’s Big Picture

Take a Look Inside at God’s Story

About the Author

Matt Searles studied philosophy and French literature at Oxford University, before moving to teach French in London at King’s College School. He is currently Director of Training for the South Central Gospel Partnership, primarily overseeing and teaching courses in Bible knowledge and handling, which draw people from over thirty churches each week. His passion is to communicate the deep truths of the faith in a clear and accessible way to normal Christians of all backgrounds.

Read more about God’s Story here.