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Lent Starts on March 2nd

Lent Starts on March 2nd

This year, Lent begins on Wednesday, March 2nd – also known as Ash Wednesday. It’s never too early to start preparing for Lent, both for yourself and with your family.

This month, we have a fabulous new book, The Easter Tree! A creative and interactive way for children and the family to prepare for Lent and Easter.

The Easter Tree

A Lent Activity and Story Book

An activity and story book combine for an interactive and reflective way to count the days through Lent to Easter.

The Easter Tree represents following the example of Jesus, introducing children to the stories in the Gospels in anticipation of his resurrection. Decorate a budding tree branch with 40 easy-to-make symbols and read short stories about Jesus life and teachings that each symbol represents. Templates for the symbols and Bible references are provided along with a reflection and simple Lent challenge.

For more children’s titles on how to prepare for Lent, take a look at our best Easter Books for Kids and Families blog post here.

Looking for more Adult Lent books? Take a look at our Through the Year 365 devotional series, or our Bible readings, study, and meditations here. Or, read our Celebrate the Season of Lent blog post to explore our wonderful selection of much loved devotionals, prayers and children’s Easter stories here.

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Q&A with Sarah J. Dodd author of Beyond the Setting Sun

Beyond the Setting Sun

This month we’re publishing Sarah J. Dodd‘s beautiful new picture book, Beyond the Setting Sun, that explores grief and loss— available to preorder today here today! Beyond the Setting Sun is a picture story book about bereavement to support young children, specifically those who have lost a parent. Sarah J. Dodd carefully researched the stages of grief for young children and sensitively portrays this in the response and actions of Ekundayo, a young elephant grieving his mothers death. Ekundayo’s story helps children express and share how they are feeling with those around them.

Many of you will know Sarah J. Dodd as the author of some of your favorite picture books — Just Like You, Legs, Alive Again, and The Lion Picture Bible. And we are thrilled to chat with Sarah about her new book, Beyond the Setting Sun, and how it can help both children and adults during the difficult bereavement process. Scroll down to read the full interview.

What inspired you to write Beyond the Setting Sun?

When Lion invited me to have a go at writing a book for children about grief, I drew on my own experiences of bereavement. Although this is something that happens to many people of all ages, it is probably the single greatest upheaval we can experience in life. I wanted to write a book that would show children that there can be hope and love throughout the process of grieving and beyond.

What does the title mean?

I am fortunate enough to live in a place with incredible sunsets over the mountains and the sea, and I always find them hugely inspiring and hopeful. They make me ponder spiritual things.  I imagined an animal might look at a sunset and wonder what lies beyond, which is a question we humans often ask ourselves about death, isn’t it? What is it like? Is there anything more? As a Christian, I have clear and positive views about this, but I wanted to write something that would give hope to everyone, regardless of their beliefs. And the beautiful thing about a sunset is that we know it’s not the end of the light, just a period of darkness before everything starts again. In the book, Momma is very positive when she sings that she would one day like go beyond the setting sun, and I wanted to foster an environment where children feel safe to ask their questions in a similarly positive way.

What do you hope children will learn and feel after reading the book?

Firstly, I hope their experience of reading the book – or having it read to them – with a comforting adult presence will be a positive thing in the midst of a time of loss. I also hope they will see that it’s normal to have different reactions such as feeling angry, feeling lost or crying a lot. Through the pages of the story, they see Ekundayo attending Momma’s funeral, which will help them to understand that this is a healthy way for everyone to come together and say goodbye. The characters in the book all fondly remember and repeat Momma’s songs, so hopefully it will encourage children to remember lots of lovely things that were unique to the person (or pet) they have lost.

Most of all, I hope they will feel loved and strengthened. I have no doubt the book will bring tears, but they will see that Ekundayo cries a lot too, and that afterwards he sees the sun and the bright flowers and is able to see that not everything is lost.

What did you learn when writing the book?

I did quite a lot of research into the stages of grief that children go through – things like not really understanding what is going on, having tantrums, going through a phase of searching for the person who has died etc.  One of the things that really struck me was that adults are advised to be clear about what has happened, not using phrases such as ‘fallen asleep’ or ‘passed on.’  Apparently this can leave a child thinking that the person really is asleep and will wake up again, or that they have left and might come back. That’s why, in Beyond the Setting Sun, Aunt Jamila corrects herself. She first says that Momma has gone beyond the setting sun because that’s how the elephants talk about death, but Ekundayo can clearly see her lying beneath her favourite tree. So Aunt Jamila tells him she has died.  This can feel like a very blunt statement, especially when reading it aloud, but bereavement experts agree it is important to state this.

I also took a while to choose a name for the baby elephant, settling on Ekundayo because (as far as I understand it from Internet searches!) it’s a name that can be used for both boys and girls, and it means ‘From Sorrow to Joy.’ Using an animal character makes the story universal, in that it’s not about a boy or a girl or a person from any particular culture. Everyone can identify with Ekundayo.

How was it working with Cee Biscoe and bringing your story to life through her drawings?

I have never had the privilege to meet Cee, but her illustrations are what really brings the story to life. When I write a picture book text I usually have clear images in mind, so I jot down some suggestions but I never know how they will be interpreted. It was an absolute thrill, then, to see how Cee brought them to life in full colour. Her rich colours evoke not only the African setting but also the emotional changes throughout the story – the darkness of Ekundayo’s grief in the rain, and then the vibrant warmth of the flowers blooming around a full waterhole. She also captures his expressions perfectly, making him a living character. I am in awe of her talent and very grateful for her work.

Is this book only for children?

It was written very much with children in mind, but some adults who have read it say that they too have found it helpful. I am told that it has also been useful for older people with dementia, especially if they lost a parent when they were very young, at a time when they weren’t given the opportunity to ask the questions they wanted to. It does have a very emotional effect on people, but sadness is an appropriate, healthy response to grief. If all the books in the world were happy or funny, they wouldn’t represent the full range of normal human life. And that, after all, is what books do so well.

Beyond the setting sun

Beyond the Setting Sun

by Sarah J. Dodd and Cee Biscoe

The waterholes of the African Savannah have dried up and there has not been enough to drink for some of the animals. Ekundayo, a young elephant, struggles to understand the loss of his mother, but the support of his family help and guide him through. 

At the end, Debbie Duncan also provides helpful advice for parents and carers as consider how to talk about death and dying with young children.

Sarah J. Dodd

Sarah J. Dodd

Sarah J. Dodd grew up in the north of England and spent her time walking with her family, reading as many books as she could get her hands on, or dreaming about horses. Her first career was in Science, with a degree in Environmental Science and a PhD in Plant Ecology. Then she discovered her passion for working with children and became a primary school teacher. After living in Australia for a while, she returned to the UK and settled in Lancashire, where she still lives. When she became a full-time mum, she began to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an author, and her first book was published in 2008. A lover of mountains, maps and mysterious paths, she will try anything once and loves to get her hands and clothes dirty in the name of fun and adventure. She is the author of Beyond The Setting SunJust Like YouThe Lion Picture Bible and Legs.

Other picture books by Sarah J. Dodd:

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Q&A with Petra Crofton, author of Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook

We chatted with children’s book author Petra Crofton about her brand new book Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook — out this month!

Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook

By Petra Crofton

Meet Christy a determined young girl, who is passionate about saving the planet.

Along with her boyfriend geeky Sam and best friend Amira and other school mates, they win a science competition and an opportunity to travel to Ecuador to write travel blogs. Excitement and anticipation for the trip is overshadowed by a HUGE dilemma for conscientious Christy. Can they get there in an eco-friendly way? Will she have to miss out on a trip of a lifetime to see the wildlife and experience the culture of Ecuador because of her principles? How best can she do her part to care for God’s creation? After finding a brilliant solution, once in Ecuador, Christy and her fellow adventurers discover the trip is not all that it seems! 

A gripping adventure for any child passionate about wildlife of the rainforest, endangered ecosystems and being a responsible eco-warrior.

What inspired you to write Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook?

When I was adapting and translating the Dutch version of Science Geek Sam and his secret Logbook, I read each section to our two sons (then 8 and 10) at bedtime. As soon as we’d finished the book they said they wanted more, and asked if there was a sequel. As it happens, my two passions are ‘science & faith’ and ‘science & creation care’, so I began to write a story about Sam’s best friend Christy embarking on this huge eco-adventure.

What do you hope children will learn and feel after reading the book? Is there a specific message you’d like them to learn or think about?

I hope that it will inspire them to embrace science and explore the outdoors. And I hope that they have learned something about God and the Bible, especially our task to look after the world. I would be most thrilled, in a way, if they feel the book has allowed them to ‘escape’ into a fun and exciting adventure story.

Do you have a favourite character?

Probably Matteo. He’s one of Christy’s best friends: a funny, lively and impulsive boy, with a huge heart. His kindness is revealed at the end of the story, when he not only helps Christy, but also the children of the orphanage in Ecuador. But hopefully all characters are relatable and likeable.

What did you learn when writing the book?

So many things! Both about science and about writing! I had translated and adapted a few books, but writing one from scratch is a different story, so to say. But I loved the writing and jumped out of bed every morning when it was a ‘Christy day’. The drawing was fun too, but I had to work quite hard to get the characters right.

How much research into the rainforest, endangered ecosystems and being an eco-warrior did you do?

I knew quite a bit, as I studied and love biology and go into schools and the church and community to do wildlife workshops. I am a very curious person, a bit of a science geek I guess, so I read about science all the time. But I still learned a lot. I double checked all the facts and went down a rabbit hole each time I explored a new eco-topic. It was fascinating.

What can children do to make a positive impact on the environment?

First of all I would say: don’t lose heart and keep fighting for the planet. Work with others, as a team – at school, at home, at church. Secondly: Go out into nature and be amazed. You will be even more motivated to protect the environment. Learn about the world: biodiversity, the climate, people and also the problems the planet faces. Thirdly: Learn about where your food, clothes, toilet paper etc come from and see if you can make a difference by buying more eco-friendly alternatives. Be inspired by Christy and her family. Reuse and recycle where you can, and save money in the process. Refuse plastic and reduce food waste. Make your (school) garden more wildlife friendly… But: break it down and do it together! It’s a big task.

Fortunately, there are lots of positive things we can do. Switch your search engine to Ecosia, check out Climate Stewards and A Rocha… Ask your teacher if the school can become an Eco-school, ask your church leader if they can sign up for Eco-church. If you are a Christian, you can pray and ask God to help you find ways to protect his creation and bless your actions.

Please tell your teachers that from early 2022 they will be able to download a resource for schools and clubs about Christy’s 16 blog themes ( This fun and free resource will be filled with fabulous science and eco-activities. It ties in with the upper primary school curriculum, but can be used anywhere. The resource follows the book, but all themes/lessons are ‘standalone’ so teachers/leaders can pick and mix.

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Professor John C. Lennox, author of Cosmic Chemistry, explores evidence for a Creator at Genexis 2021

Professor John Lenox will speak tonight at Genexis 2021 in London. Genexis 2021 is a series of three evenings exploring evidence for a Creator. Each evening combines presentations from renowned experts on why theism is a rational worldview supported by science, philosophy and history. Professor John Lennox will be speak on Maths.

Specifically, Professor Lennox will explain how an ordered and intelligible universe that operates according to determinable fixed rules supports a belief in a creator God. John will ask whether other plausible explanations exist and explain why his personal conclusion is that the evidence points to a creator God.

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets click here.

Professor John C. Lennox’s new book, Cosmic Chemistry, explores whether the rigorous pursuit of scientific knowledge is really compatible with a sincere faith in God.

Watch Professor John C. Lennox and Justin Brierly discuss Cosmic Chemistry below.

John C. Lennox

Professor John C. Lennox

John Lennox is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford University. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Saïd Business School and teaches for the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme. He has written over seventy published mathematical papers and is the co-author of two research level texts in algebra in the Oxford Mathematical Monographs series. John has also produced numerous books exploring the interface of science, philosophy and theology, including God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?Determined to Believe?, and God and Stephen Hawking. He has participated in many public discussions with academics from around the world and has debated a number of high profile atheists, such as Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Peter Singer.

Cosmic Chemisty

Cosmic Chemistry

Do God and Science Mix?
Professor John C. Lennox

Is the rigorous pursuit of scientific knowledge really compatible with a sincere faith in God? 

Building on the arguments put forward in God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?, Prof John Lennox examines afresh the plausibility of a Christian theistic worldview in the light of some of the latest developments in scientific understanding. Prof Lennox focuses on the areas of evolutionary theory, the origins of life and the universe, and the concepts of mind and consciousness to provide a detailed and compelling introduction to the science and religion debate. He also offers his own reasoning as to why he continues to be convinced by a Christian approach to explaining these phenomena. 

Robust in its reasoning, but respectful in tone, this book is vital reading for anyone exploring the relationship between science and God.

What others are saying about Cosmic Chemistry:

“The scholarship is fine-grained, integrating dozens of fields. Best of all is the tour de force of new developments in evolutionary biology that have largely gone unreported, backed by a rich historical context running back to the ancient Greeks.” 

Perry Marshall, author of Evolution 2.0, founder of the $10 million Evolution 2.0 Prize

“In this accessible and engaging introduction, John Lennox guides us through the great debates about science and faith, and offers incisive assessments of the issues.” 

Alister McGrath, Professor of Science and Religion, University of Oxford

“In a century when all the fields of science and technology converge in biology, the effort to confront the deeper meaning of life from a historical and philosophical perspective is more relevant than ever before. This book is a timely and excellent contribution to the conversation.” 

Sonia Contera, Professor of Biological Physics, University of Oxford
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Lion Hudson Books Shortlisted for the CRT Awards 2021 !

We’re thrilled to announce that two of our fantastic titles have been nominated for the Christian Resources Awards 2021! The Good Thing About Bad Days by the brilliant Margaret McAllister has been nominated for Children’s Book of the Year. The Good Thing About Bad Days is the ideal book to help children navigate their emotions and self esteem. Pam Rhodes’s Springtime at Hope Hall has been nominated for Best Fiction Book of the year. This lively new novel from Pam Rhodes centres on the comings and going of a Church hall and those who use it. Springtime at Hope Hall starts a new trilogy of Hope Hall books that includes characters that are full of personality and faith.

The CRT awards acknowledges the best in publishing, music, media, gifts, cards, retailing and longevity of service to the trade. The awards will be presented on Thursday 14th October at 1pm in the Park View Suite at Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) Sandown Park, Esher, KT10 9AJ.

The Good Thing About Bad Days

The Good Thing About Bad Days

By Margaret McAllister and Mr Nigel Baines

A warming practical book full of advice, suggested activities and encouraging messages to help young children (5-9 years) express and cope with their emotions, to reassure them about handling situations and to raise their self-esteem. With a repetitive mantra that: The good thing about bad days is-that they come to an end.

Space is provided for children to draw or jot down their thoughts and responses. Scattered throughout are verses from Psalms and other books of the Bible, and quotations from other sources.

There is a parent section providing additional advice by Dr Claire Parsons, a Christian GP, and a list of websites and contacts as resources and support for children and parents.

Springtime at Hope Hall

By Pam Rhodes

Songs of Praise presenter is back with another thrilling read and an unputdownable series centered on a Victorian church hall and Kath, its brash and inexperienced administrator.

There’s never a dull moment at Hope Hall. Its rooms are filled throughout the day with gossipy grandmas, body-popping teenagers, and a nursery group where it’s the grown-ups who are near to tears!

But it’s all in a day’s work for administrator, Kath, whose job it is to make sure Hope Hall offers something for everyone! As the team works to pull off their ambitious Hope Hall Centenary Easter Monday Fayre, Kath realizes reinforcements are needed. Brash, loud and inexperienced though she may be, Kath has a feeling that Shirley might be just the ticket! The Fayre is a triumph but when Kath’s old flame comes back on the scene, she’s faced with some tough choices. Will Kath make the right decision?

We are also delighted to announce that the following books from SPCK have been shortlisted for awards. The New Testament in its World by NT Wright & Michael Bird has been shortlisted for the Bible Reference award. Closing Ranks by Leroy Logan has been shortlisted for the Biography/Memoir award. We Are Satellites by Martin Saunders has been shortlisted for the Young People award.

IVP, part of the SPCK Group, has had the NIV Bible Speaks Today shortlisted for the Bible award, and Systematic Theology (Second Edition) by Wayne Grudem shortlisted for the Bible Reference award. 

Check out our new Children’s titles here and Fiction titles here.

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Summer Staycation with Pam Rhodes and the Hope Hall series!

Looking for a thrilling summertime Fiction read? Check out Songs of Praise presenter Pam Rhodes’s unputdownable series of Hope Hall books centered on a Victorian church hall and Kath, its brash and inexperienced administrator. The  fun and deeply moving Hope Hall series celebrates the power of hope. Read on for more information about each wonderful book in the Hope Hall series below.

Looking for more Summer Fiction reads? Check out our full Fiction list here

Springtime at Hope Hall

By Pam Rhodes

Songs of Praise presenter is back with another thrilling read and an unputdownable series centered on a Victorian church hall and Kath, its brash and inexperienced administrator.

There’s never a dull moment at Hope Hall. Its rooms are filled throughout the day with gossipy grandmas, body-popping teenagers, and a nursery group where it’s the grown-ups who are near to tears!

But it’s all in a day’s work for administrator, Kath, whose job it is to make sure Hope Hall offers something for everyone! As the team works to pull off their ambitious Hope Hall Centenary Easter Monday Fayre, Kath realizes reinforcements are needed. Brash, loud and inexperienced though she may be, Kath has a feeling that Shirley might be just the ticket! The Fayre is a triumph but when Kath’s old flame comes back on the scene, she’s faced with some tough choices. Will Kath make the right decision?

Summer’s out at Hope Hall

By Pam Rhodes

HOPE HALL thrums with activity under the summer sun. Sea Cadets march in the yard and happy chatter issues from English as a Foreign Language classes while the weekly Food Bank reaches out to those in need.

Kath is determined to honour the origins of Hope Hall, which was founded in memory of those lost during the two world wars. It’s all hands on deck as the centenary celebrations continue, but Kath’s efforts set her on a collision course with Celia Ainsworth, a descendant of the family that donated the land.

Added to this, a mysterious homeless man proves tricky for Sheelagh to identify, and a handsome stranger looks set to lead Kath a merry dance…

SUMMER’S OUT AT HOPE HALL is a fun and deeply moving story that celebrates the power of hope.

Coming soon!

Christmas at Hope Hall

By Pam Rhodes

The march towards the end of the year sees Hope Hall once again buzzing with activity.The lead up to the Harvest Festival sees a stray dog causing a nuisance, and tensions rise between two old schoolmates.

The drama only increases as Christmas approaches, and the panto rehearsals featuring the jocular “Can’t Sing Singers” get into full swing. But the hustle and bustle of the drama in the community stems from the deeper personal stories. Loneliness, loss, and hurt impact the lives of many of the local residents. But where there is community, there is friendship, companionship, love, and most of all, hope.

Christmas at Hope Hall is the final book in a delightful trilogy centred on a Victorian church hall, the like of which can be found at the heart of so many towns across England. This wonderful finale to the series (which includes the sound of wedding bells!) is full of friends and neighbours with stories that will have you giggling one minute, and dabbing your eyes the next.

What others are saying about the Hope Hall series:

“A heart-warming story of small town life, beautifully written.”

Jack Sheffield, author of the Teacher series

“In this delightful tale of Kath Sutton and the motley bunch of characters revolving around the community hall she runs, Pam lives shared and burdens carried. Summer’s Out at Hope Hall is one of those novels that helps you hear laughter in the darkness, reminding you that the sun really will rise tomorrow.” 

Sheridan Voysey, BBC Radio 2 presenter and author of Reflect with Sheridan

“Written in Pam’s characteristic gentle and humorous manner, Summer’s Out at Hope Hall appears to be just a light-hearted book, but it powerfully demonstrates the strength of community and the importance of faith.” 

Debbie Duncan, author of Brave: Showing Courage in All Seasons of Life 

About the author:

Pam Rhodes

Pam Rhodes is known around the world as the presenter of BBC Television’s Songs of Praise and her popular Hearts and Hymns programme on Premier Christian Radio. She describes herself as an ‘anorak’ in her fascination for hymns old and new, and her books on hymn-writers, like Love So Amazing, Then Sings My Soul and Hear My Song are essentials in many a church vestry! A natural storyteller with 25 varied books under her belt, Pam is perhaps best known for her novels packed with down-to-earth characters and situations that inspire and entertain.

Check out other titles by Pam Rhodes here:

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A beautiful new bedtime prayer book for children: Bedtime Prayers

Looking for a delightful book of bedtime prayers for your children or grandchildren? Bedtime Prayers by Antonia Woodward is a charming bedtime prayer book for young children full of simple, easy to learn prayers to say before going to sleep. 

Bedtime prayers are a perfect opportunity to teach children a healthy habit of praying. There are many benefits for children saying bedtime prayers. Teaching children to pray before bedtime will help them develop a lifelong relationship with God. Children will also learn gratitude by expressing thankfulness and gratitude to God for the blessings in our lives. Reducing stress and anxiety by dedicating a few minutes to calmness and stillness. Building trust and faith with both God and the family as a whole. Bringing parents and children closer together by allowing children to feel they can be open and honest with their parent.

Bedtime Prayers, filled with rhythmic and simple to recite prayers and stunning illustrations, makes it easy to enjoy saying prayers together at night. Bedtime Prayers is a lovely book that can become part of a calming nighttime routine that your child will look forward to.

Bedtime Prayers

By Antonia Woodward

The collection includes prayers of praise and thanks for the day and the things they have, prayers about family and friends, for those who are ill and animals and pets, and blessings for those they love, for a safe night and a new day ahead. 

Delightful illustrations by Antonia Woodward make this prayer book perfect for a treasured moment to share with young children at the end of each day as part of a bedtime routine.

Meet the illustrator:

Antonia Woodward

Antonia Woodward

Antonia Woodward graduated in 2007 with a first class BA (Hons) degree in illustration and since then has illustrated for picture books, children’s magazines, wedding invitations, logo design, website design, and hand-lettered typography. She even designed the logo for her illustration agency! She is the illustrator of The Promised One, The Not -So-Very Lost Lamb, Noah and the Great Big Boat, The Extra Special Baby, and Special Baby Bible Stories.

Check out all of our children’s prayer books! Full list here.

More children’s prayer books here.

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Who created the world? Professor John C. Lennox questions Stephen Hawking’s claims in God and Stephen Hawking

A brand new edition of Professor John C. Lennox’s bestselling book, God and Stephen Hawking 2ND EDITION is out this week!

“It is a grandiose claim to have banished God. With such a lot at stake we surely need to ask Hawking to produce evidence to establish his claim. Do his arguments really stand up to close scrutiny? I think we have a right to know.”

The Grand Design and Brief Answers to Big Questions by eminent scientist the late Stephen Hawking were blockbusting contributions to the science religion debate. They claimed it was the laws of physics themselves which brought the universe into being, rather than any God. In this forthright response, Professor John C. Lennox, Oxford University mathematician and internationally-known apologist, takes a closer look at Hawking’s logic and questions his conclusions.

God and Stephen Hawking 2ND EDITION

Whose Design is it Anyway?

Professor John C. Lennox

In lively, layman’s terms, Lennox guides us through the key points in Hawking’s arguments – with clear explanations of the latest scientific and philosophical methods and theories – and demonstrates that far from disproving a Creator God, they make his existence seem all the more probable.

“A brilliant response to Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design. Make sure you hear both sides of the argument!”

Alister McGrath
John C. Lennox

Professor John C. Lennox

John C. Lennox MA PhD DPhil DSc is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College. He has lectured on religion and science at many prestigious institutions around the world, and has publicly debated Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, among others. He is also the author of many books including Cosmic Chemistry and God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design is it Anyway?

More books by Professor John C. Lennox

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The Lion Graphic Bible: An epic, comic-book retelling of the Bible for teenagers

‘Will undoubtedly attract thousands of children, boys in particular, who would otherwise never have touched the Good Book.’

The Sunday telegraph

We have a fantastic new edition of the popular and beautifully illustrated The Lion Graphic Bible .

The Lion Graphic Bible is a highly original interpretation of the Bible that is an ideal tool for reaching and engaging young people with the Bible and the message of the Gospel.

Illustrated and written in a dynamic graphic-novel style by illustrator Jeff Anderson, best known for his work on the Judge Dredd comic series, and author Mike Maddox.

Remaining true to the story of the Bible, The Lion Graphic Bible is a comprehensive retelling of the Old and New Testament, truly capturing the emotions and characters within the stories and making them engrossing. The Bible is a unique narrative of origins and cosmic powers; of the ageless battle between good and evil; of human potential and human treachery – the very stuff that graphic novels are made of. 

Successfully published for over 40 years, refreshed with new covers to reach the next generation of readers. Available in hardback here and paperback here.

The Lion Graphic Bible

The Lion Graphic Bible

By Jeff Anderson and Mike Maddox

  • For young teens
  • This graphic Bible comes from Marvel artist Jeff Anderson
  • An engaging and eye-catching take on the stories of the Bible
  • An ideal tool for reaching and engaging young people with the Bible and the message of the Gospel

What others are saying:

‘Jeff Anderson’s stunning pictures literally cover every page with glorious images, while Mike Maddox’s text successfully preserves the epic tone…’ 

The Guardian

Captures both the drama and the spirituality of the Bible in a way that more conventional retellings rarely manage.’ 

The Daily Telegraph

‘Superbly illustrated and comprehensive in its scope…’ 

Times Educational Supplement

‘Quite simply brilliant! … a powerful 256-page package which is sure to communicate well to this most visually-orientated generation.’


About the author and illustrator:

Mike Maddox

Mr Mike Maddox

Mike Maddox is a freelance writer. Apart from comics, Mike has written six Doctor Who audio adventures and won a New York Radio Award for his play “Mayflies,” which starred Derek Jacobi, and Jason Isaacs. Married with two children, Mike is currently preparing for life as a vicar’s spouse. He thought The Lion Graphic Bible might take six months. He still finds this funny.

Mr Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson is a leading graphic novel artist, best known for his work for Marvel on Transformers and on Judge Dredd. Illustrator of the Angouleme Prize winning Graphic Bible. Readers of Comic World voted him runner-up in the best artist category for his Legends of Larian books. He lives with his wife and five children in Durham, England and is a licenced Lay Reader.

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Q&A with Jacci Bulman, author of Talking God: Daring to Listen

Talking God

We spoke with inspirational poet and author Jacci Bulman about her new book, Talking God: Daring to Listen – available to pre-order now! Talking God explores the valuable and often neglected tool of listening as a way to spiritual learning. Jacci invites you to reflect on the personal beliefs many of us hold towards God through listening in on a series of eleven inspiring interviews with people of Christian or ‘Jesus-connected’ faith.

Watch the video below and scroll down for the full interview.

Watch Jacci speak about what inspired her to write Talking God.

What inspired you to write Talking God?

I wanted to go further than saying “I believe God is Love”. I wanted to explore my own personal faith in Christ…so I decided to listen to a wide range of people about theirs! I felt that by listening and understanding different ways of seeing God, of knowing Jesus, I would gain more clarity, not confusion…and I did.

What do you hope the book will achieve?

I hope the book will help people see that we can learn by finding what we agree and connect with in different beliefs to our own, rather than looking for how we can criticize and separate…it’s a great way of learning, finding our ‘common thread’. I also hope that it will help people understand more clearly what they personally believe about God, Jesus, and Christianity; how they can actively move forwards with their own faith.

Can you describe your first experience of God?

When I was young, I used to go on walks and call into the local churchyard, where there was a tiny old grave at the back, by a tree. It simply said ‘Little Hannah’. I liked collecting pretty stones, flowers and things to put by her grave…and I guess that was my beginning to understand that there is ‘more than this’ to life. There is God, heaven, and Love.

Did you find anything similar across the beliefs of the 11 pilgrims? Any main differences?

The greatest similarity was people are all trying to find their way to understand and connect to God’s love. They all use different ‘languages’ and ways of seeing ‘truth,’ but beneath all the different texts, there is a longing for being held in that love. The greatest difference is in how much we read and follow the Bible literally, as the exact Word of God, or see it as a great collection of books written by divinely inspired people, but with fallibility.

Did a particular pilgrim’s beliefs speak to you?

I can honestly say that I learned as much from people who had very different beliefs to mine, as from those with whom I ‘connected’ very easily. No-one has exactly the same beliefs as me – and that is how faith can be real, living, honest. I learned a lot from both Richard and Tim about the dynamic quality of the Trinity – of God’s love being an active eternal sharing, which we belong within. I learned from Martyn about the exciting complexity of the word ‘truth’…and I enjoyed opening my awareness to God’s ‘Oneness’ with Bob and Brigid. But I genuinely did learn something from everyone, which was perhaps one of the greatest teachings for me in creating this book.

What are the key themes of the book?

To value and practice true listening. To explore how the word ‘truth’ can mean many things, on many levels. To find which spiritual ‘language’ best helps us each comprehend God. To reach for us finding unity within our wide diversity of faith. To be honest and brave with our own exploration of what we believe about Jesus and God. To look at how we can make our faith active, with loving as a verb. And to discover that God’s love is beyond all words…which is a good thing.

In the book you write, “How much do we fail to learn or grow when we do not listen because we are so sure ‘our’ way is only the right way.” Can you explain what you meant by this?

I find over and over again that when I am only interested in ‘telling people’ what I believe, what I think is ‘right’, and not in understanding what they believe, what they think is ‘right’, I learn a lot less, I grow a lot less in my own understanding of life and of God. Being willing to listen and ‘exchange’ ideas, which is true communication, not trying to push our own truth onto people, enables us all to explore truth more widely, with more connectivity. We can then live out our faith with awareness and not be ‘blinkered’. It does not mean just ‘absorbing’ other people’s views, but it means respecting them. To love and respect others as we hope they will love and respect us, as Jesus showed us! I believe he often asked questions and listened.

Talking God

Daring to Listen

by Jacci Bulman

Talking God invites you to reflect on the personal beliefs many of us hold towards God through listening in on a series of eleven inspiring interviews with people of Christian or ‘Jesus-connected’ faith. Each of these dedicated spiritual pilgrims give responses to fourteen searching questions about God, Jesus Christ, and Christianity, which offer a wide range of perspectives on issues of faith and spiritual truth.

Also available as an Ebook.

What others are saying:

‘In an age of increasing soundbites these stories open up a kaleidoscopic diversity of lives of faith.’ 

Ruth Harvey, Leader of The Iona Community

‘Jacci Bulman’s Talking God beautifully illustrates honest “God talk,” which must occur if any of our faith traditions are to re-vision themselves and survive.’ 

Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz, author of The Hidden Gospel and Prayers of the Cosmos

About the author:

Jacci Bulman

Jacci Bulman grew up around Accrington, Lancashire, before studying Human Sciences at Oxford University.  She overcame a brain tumour and skin cancer, co-founded a charity for disabled children in Vietnam (The Kianh Foundation), and began to focus increasingly on spiritual understanding at its simplest – that God is Love. She has published two poetry collections, A Whole Day Through From Waking (Cinnamon Press) and In the Holding (Indigo Dreams). Talking God – Daring to Listen is her first non-fiction book.