At Lion Hudson IP Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of SPCK we publish books and other media for children and adults to help you grow in your Christian faith. We want to see literature that challenges, encourages, and leads people to God, whatever their background. Our titles span accessible books that reflect a Christian worldview suitable for a general audience, resources for Christian families, individuals, and communities, to academic works for theological study.

We believe the Good News is for all, and our books, especially our illustrated colour books, are translated and sold around the world.

Our Imprints


Lion Books Accessible nonfiction for adults

Bible reference, prayer books, books for Christian occasions, Christian biographies, Christian history, biblical history, books about science & faith and family issues.


Monarch Books – Co-publishing Christian books and teaching resources with Christian organisations.

Mission and confessional biographies, devotionals, Christian apologetics, as well as discipleship and leadership resources for Christians.


Lion Scholar – Biblical reference books

Old Testament and New Testament history, biblical archaeology, Christian belief, bible and Christian history atlases.


Lion Fiction – Accessible Fiction with a Christian worldview

Historical fiction, crime, women’s fiction, biblical fiction, young adults and older children.


Lion Children’s Books – High quality illustrated books for children

Illustrated bible story retellings & biblical fiction, picture books with a purpose, prayer books for children, bible reference books for children, gift books for Christian occasions and activity books. The imprint includes many high quality illustrated books written in language accessible to all.


Candle BooksChristian children’s books from around the world

Illustrated bible story retellings, bible reference, confessional prayer books, novelty books including pop-ups for young children, and bible centric activity books, games & resources.