A beautiful new bedtime prayer book for children: Bedtime Prayers

5 August 2021

Looking for a delightful book of bedtime prayers for your children or grandchildren? Bedtime Prayers by Antonia Woodward is a charming bedtime prayer book for young children full of simple, easy to learn prayers to say before going to sleep. 

Bedtime prayers are a perfect opportunity to teach children a healthy habit of praying. There are many benefits for children saying bedtime prayers. Teaching children to pray before bedtime will help them develop a lifelong relationship with God. Children will also learn gratitude by expressing thankfulness and gratitude to God for the blessings in our lives. Reducing stress and anxiety by dedicating a few minutes to calmness and stillness. Building trust and faith with both God and the family as a whole. Bringing parents and children closer together by allowing children to feel they can be open and honest with their parent.

Bedtime Prayers, filled with rhythmic and simple to recite prayers and stunning illustrations, makes it easy to enjoy saying prayers together at night. Bedtime Prayers is a lovely book that can become part of a calming nighttime routine that your child will look forward to.

Bedtime Prayers

By Antonia Woodward

The collection includes prayers of praise and thanks for the day and the things they have, prayers about family and friends, for those who are ill and animals and pets, and blessings for those they love, for a safe night and a new day ahead. 

Delightful illustrations by Antonia Woodward make this prayer book perfect for a treasured moment to share with young children at the end of each day as part of a bedtime routine.

Meet the illustrator:

Antonia Woodward

Antonia Woodward

Antonia Woodward graduated in 2007 with a first class BA (Hons) degree in illustration and since then has illustrated for picture books, children’s magazines, wedding invitations, logo design, website design, and hand-lettered typography. She even designed the logo for her illustration agency! She is the illustrator of The Promised One, The Not -So-Very Lost Lamb, Noah and the Great Big Boat, The Extra Special Baby, and Special Baby Bible Stories.

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