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Science Geek Sam and his Secret Logbook Cees Dekker, Corien Oranje

20 Oct 2017
208 pages: 130 x 198 mm
Lion Children's Books
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"I'm afraid you're at the top end of the healthy weight range," said the doctor. This is doctor's speak for "you are FAT"! "Do you know how much I'd weigh if I was on Pluto?" "No idea," replied the doctor. "Only 2.3 kilograms. Practically nothing!" Meet Sam, science geek extraordinaire, and have an exclusive peek at his top secret logbook. When a meteorite crashes into Sam’s school bike shed, his class have a LOT of questions about space, the universe, and life on earth. But can they believe in God AND the Big Bang? They make some cool discoveries that show them that, surprisingly, the answer is a clear yes. A fact-filled and thought-provoking story that will make you chuckle.
Cees Dekker is a Professor at the Delft University of Technology, with degrees in Physics and Astronomy, also known for his biology research. He has written several books on faith and science.|Corien Oranje is a children’s author, journalist and theologian who has twice won a Dutch literary prize for Christian children’s literature
“This cheerful, lively and wise book will help children and adults alike to a better understanding of the world we live in and a greater awe for the creator God who made it all. In a discussion often dominated by prejudice and fear, this book will enable Christians from all backgrounds to engage with the real questions and to find their faith strengthened.”|“This is a really cool, funny, entertaining book in which you’ll learn a lot about science as well as faith along the way. And my guess is that your parents will read it as well!”|“This book is really excellent – properly funny and not cringey as these things can so easily be, and a really heartening and encouraging read for Christian children with enquiring minds. I can’t wait to buy a copy for my ten-year-old son!”|“This amazing story will have every reader gripped. Sam Billington pursues a quest with his school chums to discover how to relate his curiosity about how the world works to what different grown-ups tell him he ought to believe. An absolute page-turner by a celebrated children’s writer and one of Europe’s top scientists.”|“The cosmos and the living world impress all of us, whether religious or not (and I am not) with a sense of mystery and wonder. Readers will learn a lot from this engaging and fascinating book. As we learn more about nature, some mysteries are dispelled – but the wonder grows.”|“A great, funny, and warm book that encourages questioning and conversation about faith and science. Brilliant for grown ups and kids to read and enjoy together. Inspiration for future generations of faith-filled scientists!”|“In this delightful book, full of adventure and humour, ten-year-old Sam Billington, a budding young scientist, learns about the Big Bang and evolution and discovers what this means for Christian faith. With a positive message about science and faith, this book is highly recommended for children and even adults.”|“A delightfully written book with a serious purpose – how to bridge the apparent chasm between science and faith. Science Geek Sam ably shows there is no chasm at all, and does so triumphantly. Full of fun facts, up-to-date on the science, and with a mature take on Biblical truth, this is a book every child should read with an open mind, and one which parents can trust too. At last children can see that both science and Christianity can be respected at the same time.”|“In a fast-moving and utterly delightful way these colourful Year 6 pupils puzzle their way through the big questions of the universe. They puzzle and wonder at stars, planets, the age of the earth, and the evolution of life (and who likes whom at school of course). The book’s breathtaking speed nonetheless gives them (and the reader) a serious and thought-provoking treatment. The question of God runs through the book in an unaffected way as they work through to a natural holding of science and Christian belief together. I would happily give this charming book to any thoughtful youngster.”|“If every young person, parent, and teacher read this book, the world would be a gentler place. Not everybody would agree with each other about the Big Bang and evolution, but all would see that embracing science is part of the Christian experience. Many of us can relate to Sam Billington, who thinks fossils and stars and DNA are totally awesome, but who has honest questions about God and the Bible. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an Uncle Jack, a busy science professor who regularly, gently, and truthfully engages Sam’s questions. What makes the book fun but also believable are the relationships between Sam, his classmates, and their teacher Mr Nolan, who creates space to ask and investigate hard questions. And far from being a dry book of science facts, there are enough kid-friendly jokes to keep readers laughing.”

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