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Paul, Man on a Mission The Life and Letters of an Adventurer for Jesus Bob Hartman, Conrad Gempf

20 Oct 2017
160 pages: 130 x 198 mm
Lion Children's Books
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Paul wasn’t one of Jesus’ friends – in fact he really didn’t like the whole “Jesus crew” at all. They were wrong! Even worse, they were telling lies that confused people about how to live properly in God’s way. But Paul’s life-journey is about to be dramatically turned upside down when he actually meets Jesus himself. In a blinding-flash encounter he is given an assignment from God in a mission that will change the lives of Jewish and Gentile people across the world from the first century right through to today. Here storyteller and scribe, Maximus details Paul’s dangerous, thrilling, and adventurous journeys.
Bob Hartman is a performance storyteller par excellence. He has been entertaining audiences on both sides of the Atlantic for over 15 years with his books and performances, which bring together retellings of Bible stories and traditional tales from around the world with his own imaginative stories. His books are full of humour and insight, whilst his storytelling sessions are exciting, engaging, dynamic – and above all, interactive! He is wellknown for his hugely popular Lion Storyteller books, the Telling the Bible series and the highly acclaimed picture books The Wolf Who Cried Boy, Dinner in the Lions' Den and The Three Billy Goats' Stuff.|Dr Conrad Gempf is author of two books for Zondervan, Jesus Asked and Mealtime Habits of the Messiah. He lectures at the London School of Theology and writes many articles in the popular Christian press
“Bob Hartman has developed a well-deserved reputation as a master story teller, and his previous books... have established him as an important writer of children’s books.”|“Conrad Gempf is effortlessly cool. Thousands have benefitted from his occasionally quirky ways of seeing things and his grasp of Scripture.”

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