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Momentous Making wise choices Cathy Madavan

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24 Mar 2018
192 pages: 130 x 198 mm
Monarch Books
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Life is truly “momentous”; it is a series of moments in which we make choices. As we face this sometimes bewildering array of choices, we make decisions that shape ourselves and the direction our lives take. We can agonize over the big decisions in life, but, more than we probably realize, our life is defined by moments and the accumulated small choices we make in them. We get fit because of good choices in the face of temptation. We build friendships because of the words we choose to say and not say. We develop financial stability, emotional intelligence and spiritual maturity because, when we continually make small but vital decisions, we choose wisely. Sharing from her own experience, Cathy Madavan explores how we can learn to make wise choices in the moments of our lives, doing the next right thing, and making the most of our momentous life.
Cathy Madavan is a popular speaker and writer who tours the UK speaking with Care for the Family. She is also on the Spring Harvest leadership team. Cathy is the author of Digging for Diamonds (Authentic) and writes for Liberti magazine.

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