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Bible Archaeology An exploration of the history and culture of early civilizations Alfred Hoerth, John McRay

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18 Jan 2018
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288 pages: 156 x 234 mm
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This full-colour volume offers an overview of the history and findings of biblical archaeology. Drawing together the archaeological research into the principal sites in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine, Persia, Anatolia, Greece and Italy, Hoerth and McRay explore the histories, cultures and social forces of these early civilizations. Using full-colour maps, photographs and diagrams to walk you through the various archaeological digs. This volume enables the reader to place the biblical narratives firmly in their historical context and cultural setting. The authoritative but accessible text brings familiar Bible characters brilliantly to life.
Alfred Hoerth is former director of Archaeology at Wheaton College in Chicago, Illinois. He is also author, coauthor, or coeditor of various resources, including Archaeology and the Old Testament, Bible Archeology, and Peoples of the Old Testament.|John McRay is Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Archaeology at Wheaton College, Ill. In the course of a long and distinguished career Professor McRay has supervised many excavations in Israel, has acted as a consultant on a variety of media projects, has held senior posts in the field of biblical archaeology, and has written extensively. He is author of several books including Archaeology of the New Testament and Paul, His Life and Teaching

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