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All That Glitters She escaped, into a trap Leslie Norman Cowan

18 May 2018
304 pages: 130 x 198 mm
Lion Fiction
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Tati thought she was escaping Belarus; she had scraped and saved the $15,000 that she was told she needed to start again. Instead, she walks into a trap. She tries to resist, but her captors made it clear that until she gives the men they send her what they want she will be beaten daily, or left to die. In Edinburgh, Pastor David Hidalgo is attempting to get his life back together after facing the gang who killed his wife. He is determined to stay away from danger until a desperate woman approaches him. Her husband has been discovered dead and the police have found child pornography on his computer. The woman is inconsolable but certain her husband - who was investigating the finances of a new charismatic church in Edinburgh - has been framed. David is determined to ensure the new church is sound but on visiting doubts the authenticity of its charismatic leader. Could something more sinister be lurking behind the church's polished veneer? The only hope that Tati has is a name she has been given "David Hidalgo" - perhaps this man will be her rescuer? But David has no knowledge of Tati's existence. However, as he starts to investigate the new church their two worlds seem set to collide. Will both come out unscathed?
Les Cowan lives and works in Ribadeo, Spain, which is one of the underlying inspirations for his writing. He studied English Language and Literature in Edinburgh, the other location brought to life his debut series.

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