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Abolition! The Struggle to Abolish Slavery in the British Colonies Mr Richard Reddie

19 Jan 2007
264 pages: 138 x 216 x 14 mm

The Anti-Slave Trade Act became law on 25th March 1807. It made the capture and transport of slaves by British subjects illegal. Slavery as such in the British Empire wasn't abolished until 1833. This book tells the story of the slave trade in the British Empire and examines the movement to bring it to an end.
Subjects covered include: - the history of slavery - the brutality of the slave trade - resistance by slaves - importance of slave trade to the British economy - the roots of the anti-slave trade society - the strategies of the movement - the push for abolition - the legacies of the slave trade
Richard Reddie is an author and researcher. He has written for a number of Christian and secular publications, including Focus, Christianity, the Weekly Gleaner and The Voice. He has also been a popular speaker at Black History Month events.

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