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A Pirate Christmas The Nativity Story Suzy Senior

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24 Aug 2018
32 pages: 215 x 260 mm
Lion Children's Books
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Chart ye course for the Great Christmas Treasure Hunt! Pirate Dad, Joe, and Cannon, the ship’s guinea pig, sit glumly on the poop deck. Tonight is the Buccaneers’ Ball AND the Great Christmas Treasure Hunt. It’s the best event of the pirate year and all their friends are there – but they’re missing it! To cheer them up, Pirate Dad starts to read a Christmassy story. It’s not what Joe is expecting… but it’s pretty amazing, and soon they are finding out about the greatest treasure of all!
Suzy Senior has worked in publishing since she was old enough to be let loose in a company car. She had a fabulous time visiting bookshops across Scotland and the North of England, until she had two lovely children and had to calm down a little. In her spare time she likes to write books for children, but usually has to clean out the guinea pigs instead. She was shortlisted in the National Literacy Trust and Bloomsbury Children’s Books Poetry Prize 2015.
“This is such an endearing Pirate tale, fun for all the family with a beautiful retelling of that first Christmas. Pass this on to your little pirates and equip them in their pirate shenanigans and knowledge of one of my all time favourite Bible stories.”|“An engaging and unique retelling of the Christmas story and a perfect read for that Yo-Ho-Holy Night!”|"A strikingly illustrated, fun, and innovative new take on the Christmas story - every child's stocking should have a copy!"|“A fun and original blend of the traditional nativity story with a piratical touch. Beautifully illustrated with tons of atmosphere, and a great parent-child dynamic perfect for sharing and reading aloud.”|“Just for once, the treasure finds the pirates: one Christmas Eve and two surprises for Joe and Pirate Dad. An uplifting Christmas story with illustrations that bring it to life.”

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