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The Peacock Throne Lisa Karon Richardson

20 Nov 2015
352 pages: 130 x 198 mm

The Earl of Danbury has been murdered in his bed. The same night, in a far shabbier part of London, Miss Lydia Garrett’s guardian is stabbed and left for dead. Against all odds it transpires the murders are related – the fortunes of the victims had become entangled decades earlier, when they spirited away the magnificent Indian Peacock Throne. Lydia is determined justice will be done, whilst the Earl’s son Anthony is bent on revenge. To draw out the murderer, they agree they must locate the Throne. Meanwhile, Marcus Harting, agent of His Majesty’s intelligence services, has received information suggesting Napoleon Bonaparte also seeks the Throne, for a sinister purpose. Harting, Anthony, and Lydia join forces to find the Throne before the French. Their quest leads them around the globe on an adventure steeped in danger, treachery, and romance.
Lisa Karon Richardson is the author of several novels including Diamond in the Rough, Vanishing Act and Curtain Call. Her novella, Impressed by Love, was a Carol Award Finalist. Lisa and her husband are currently planting a small home missions church in America, having previously been missionaries to the Seychelles and Gabon.

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