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Only the Brave Determined discipleship Cris Rogers, Sim Dendy, Cathy Madavan, Lisa Holmes, Krish Kandiah

23 Mar 2018
240 pages: 138 x 216 mm
Monarch Books
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Using the book of James as a road map, this multi-authored work will lead you on an adventure along the narrow road of discipleship. Only the Brave brings both challenge and excitement, while offering plenty of practical tips along the way! The five authors – Lisa Holmes, Krish Kandiah, Sim Dendy, Cathy Madavan, and Cris Rogers – each explore a chapter of James using these key themes: Face it; Live it; Tame it; Lose it; Finish it. They consider how we can use our heads, hearts, and hands to answer the challenge James, and ultimately Jesus himself, laid down. It takes courage to go beyond simply believing in Jesus: to live him, love him, and share him. Only the Brave urges us not to play it safe, but to live a life of abundance based on the example Jesus lived out on earth. Only the brave will change the world, and this book will inspire anyone who reads it to do just that.
Cris Rogers is a Church of England pioneer minister, church planter, artist, and Star Wars fan. In 2010 Cris and his family moved to Tower Hamlets, one of the toughest estates in East London, and took on the leadership of All Hallows Bow. Their desire was to restart the church, which had shrunk to seven people, and see people flourish. Cris has a deep passion for discipleship in the way of Jesus, and runs wearemakingdisciples.com.|Sim is the senior leader of Freedom Church based in Romsey and on the national leadership team of Ground Level Network as well as a Trustee of Links International. He is passionate about local churches getting fully involved in their communities and making a real difference. Sim also provides training events, coaching and support for leadership teams in Education, Charities and Churches across the UK.|Cathy Madavan is a popular speaker and writer who tours the UK speaking with Care for the Family. She is also on the Spring Harvest leadership team. Cathy is the author of Digging for Diamonds (Authentic) and writes for Liberti magazine.|Dr Krish Kandiah is Director of Churches in Mission for the Evangelical Alliance. Previously he has worked as a tutor in theology at Oxford University, a church pastor in London and a missionary in Albania. He is a film buff, a fan of Liverpool FC, a husband, a father and a foster carer
“This book reminds us that we don’t have to be to be superheroes to be brave; in fact, God should be the superhero in our lives! The five authors exhort us to become more Christ-like based on the teachings of James, and their honest testimonies and insightful commentaries really bring these familiar verses to life. Whether you are a new Christian or have been following Jesus for years, Only the Brave will give you a fresh take on discipleship, helping you enjoy the richness of living every single day for God.”|“I’m excited that thousands of people will be engaging with this life-changing material. It’s more than important that God’s people wrestle with what the life of a disciple looks like and embark on the massive rollercoaster of being a world-changing follower of Jesus. Read on and get ready to be changed.”|Seven times in Revelation 2-3, Jesus said: “Anyone with ears must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.” Only the Brave seems to have captured what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in our day. Its message is the timeless, biblical call to whole-life discipleship, but written for our times and context. It is easy to engage with, practical, and down to earth, and will help readers grow as followers of Christ.|The vulnerability of the authors cannot fail to inspire a fresh look at our own journey with Jesus. The wisdom they bring from the book of James is challenging yet deeply encouraging for Christ followers who want to be ever more fruitful for Him in the adventure of everyday life.

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