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Interpreting Dreams and Visions A practical guide for using them powerfully to impact the world Liz Evans

18 Jan 2018
416 pages: 138 x 216 mm
Monarch Books
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You will spend on average six years of your life dreaming. This is more than a simple mental process. It is clear from the Bible that dreams and visions are important ways in which God chooses to speak to people. This book teaches you how to understand the language of dreams and visions so that you can hear what God is saying to you at night, and during your prayer times. Love has a Voice and He wants to speak to His modern-day people. Everybody dreams, and there is great interest in dreams. Interpreting dreams for non-Christian people can help them to receive God’s love and guidance. The book is highly practical, and includes training exercises at the end of each chapter.
Liz Evans spent seven years in senior Church leadership, where she developed Prophetic Mentoring Schools and her ministry, Love Has a Voice, which seeks to equip the Church for anointed prophetic ministry. Liz builds missional communities which spring up around the teams taking prophecy and dream interpretation into coffee shops, universities and festivals.
“A dynamic and fresh approach to a spiritual resource long neglected.”|“Quoting the prophet Joel on the day of Pentecost, the apostle Peter underlined that dreams and visions were to be one of the primary ways in which God would communicate the revelation of His heart to His people under the New Covenant. Nevertheless, the interpretation of dreams and visions has often been marginalized and overlooked or even rejected in the Church; either because it was misunderstood, or simply because the necessary tools were missing. In this incredibly practical and down to earth book, Liz Evans combines her years of personal experience, with proven biblical wisdom and fascinating practical examples and exercises, to provide the reader with a comprehensive handbook that will serve many seeking to grow in their understanding of how, when and to whom God speaks through dreams and visions. I commend it wholeheartedly!”|“Having worked with Liz on a number of occasions and welcomed her to teach dream interpretation at our church, I am delighted that she has now made her work available through this book. Liz's ministry is solidly bible based, highly inspirational and easily accessible to everyone. Above all her passion for Jesus, love for people and integrity for truth, combined with amazing spiritual sensitivity, makes her prophetic ministry unique and trustworthy. This book is an essential tool for anyone serious about interpreting dreams and taking this ministry into the market place. The potential is both transformational and limitless.”

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