10 Jan 2017 Relationship book on ITV This Morning and in the Daily Mail

We were delighted to see Ruth and Eamonn interview Kate and Harry Benson on ITV This Morning on Friday 6th January, and then talk about What Mums Want (And Dads Need To Know): http://bit.ly/2iXEdYV

Kate and Harry were also featured in the Daily Mail on 4th January: http://dailym.ai/2hTBMUZ

So what is everyone talking about...?

All over Britain, families are ‘sleepwalking into separation’. Yet so much of this is utterly avoidable, claim marriage champions Harry & Kate Benson. Combining insights from international research with their own honest back-from-the-brink story - and those of other couples - they offer mums and dads a simple yet radical way forward.

  • Only a quarter of parents say that they are ‘very happy’ with their relationship with their partner
  • ‘Growing apart’ has now overtaken adultery as the top cause of family breakdown
  • A new survey of nearly 300 mums found that friendship, an interest in me and an interest in the children are the key qualities that mums want in their partner – with fixing things, earning a decent wage and being adventurous, strong and sexy all at the bottom of the list
  • Research on parenting shows that if mum is happy, it is likely that her children and partner will be happy
  • In What Mums Want, Harry and Kate Benson assert that dads need to take primary responsibility for keeping friendship and respect at the heart of their relationship: ‘love your wife - and she will love you right back’

Half of all teenagers in the UK and a quarter of all two year olds no longer live with both of their natural parents. Harry and Kate Benson’s two eldest children nearly became part of this statistic when their parents’ marriage reached crisis point after 8 years, the couple having become ‘strangers behind closed doors’. What Mums Want (And Dads Need To Know) draws on Harry and Kate’s personal story of ‘scraping the bottom of the marital barrel’ – honestly told in their own words - as well as a broad range of popular and academic research, and countless real life stories from couples Harry and Kate have met over the years. It explores key topics such as:

  • Why staying in an unhappy marriage could be the best thing you ever do
  • Why a low-conflict separation is often the worst kind of break up – and the most avoidable
  • Why the ‘good divorce’ is largely a myth
  • What does ‘staying together for the sake of the children’ really mean and is it a good thing to do?
  • How regular (but not too regular) date nights could help to save your marriage
  • Why viewing your husband as part of your ‘care package’ could seriously damage your relationship
  • Four destructive habits that have the power to destroy a marriage – and how to counter them
  • Why your attitude towards each other is even more important than good communication in a relationship

Along the way, they examine how relationships change at different stages of parenting, how people are drawn to different ‘love languages’ to express their feelings, and why the differences between men’s and women’s thought processes can lead to conflict (and how to avoid this). Their hope is that this book will help hundreds of couples to make small but crucially important changes to their relationships, as they did, to save their marriage.

Harry and Kate Benson have been married for 30 years and have 6 children. Harry has spent the last twenty years researching, writing and teaching about marriage and family, and his research findings for Marriage Foundation are routinely cited in the media and by politicians. He and Kate have been involved in counselling many couples through their marriage ups and downs.

They are both available for interviews and to write articles linked to their
new book. Serialisation rights are also currently available.

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