11 Jul 2018 Reading Well chooses First Steps to Living with Dementia

The Reading Agency launches Reading Well Books on Prescription for dementia this week. Funded by the Welsh Government, Reading Well Books aims to provide a unique range of books via public libraries, aimed at fostering a better understanding of the disease. The Reading Well scheme will help people understand and manage their own health and wellbeing using self-help interventions. They've chosen, with the help and endorsement of the Society of Chief Librarians Cymru and health professionals, a specially curated list of books to foster a better understanding of the disease.

We're thrilled to announce that First Steps to Living with Dementia by Dr Simon Atkins has been selected as one of those reassuring and pioneering titles!

First Steps to Living with Dementia provides an easy and accessible introduction to dementia. Thousands suffer from dementia. There is a clear need for better understanding of the condition, both for those who suffer from it and those around them — to be aware of what it may mean, and to know what can be done to improve the mental health of sufferers. In this short but comprehensive introduction, Dr Simon Atkins clears away the myths, and sets out the facts about this increasingly common condition. Whether you are concerned for yourself or someone else, First Steps to Living with Dementia will advise you about how it is diagnosed, conventional medical treatments and alternative remedies, the social and financial support available, and the lifestyle changes that can help prevent it.

Interested in reading or know someone who would benefit from First Steps to Living with Dementia? Buy your copy here.

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