Monday, 15 February 2016 Mobo Award Winning Rapper Talks Hero Bible!

The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible

The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible

Available Now - prepare to be wowed!

We got the chance to go backstage at a Faith Child concert in Birmingham,
and were delighted to organise a little shout-out for The Lion Comic Hero Bible.
Check out what he had to say about it :)

Gospel Link 360, the production company for the Birmingham show were kind enough to do this video for us.


This stunning new comic book version of the Bible gives it the superhero treatment, and will be enjoyed by both children and adults. From its greatest heroes to its darkest villains, this is the Bible as never seen before! The men and women of the Bible were not perfect, but nor were they ordinary. Faith gave some power – to lead, to save and to destroy evil – while others succumbed to the darkness. But still more was required: an ultimate hero to fight the ultimate battle.

The vibrant and edgy illustrations tell Bible stories in a fresh way. The Old Testament tales convey battle scenes and Israel’s triumphs and failures with honesty and grit. And the true emotion of the New Testament is captured through moving artwork and captions. The Bible characters have comic book hero names, which convey their character and how God transforms them.

Jeff Anderson
is a leading graphic artist, best known for his work for Marvel on Transformers and on Judge Dredd, and is the illustrator of the award-winning Graphic Bible. Jeff is also a Vicar; he studied Theology at Cranmer, Durham.

is an artist, designer and writer, the creator of the Manga Bible and Manga Jesus and has illustrated for Judge Dredd and 2000AD magazines. He trained at London School of Theology

Richard Thomas is an artist, designer and writer, who has worked on End Time Comics, Rydlers Fayre and UNESCO Comic Books. He trained at Oak Hill Theological College.

“Siku and Jeff Anderson have brought to life the tales and truths already evident within their respective Testaments providing, respectively, both brutal action and refined elegance.”
Mike Perkins, award-winning illustrator for Marvel Comics (Captain America, Thor and The X-Men).

“The moment you open the first page, flesh and blood, sin and suffering, death and redemption leap out as large as life. It's an immense portrayal of the ancient disease of human sin and the ultimate rescue by a God who will never give up on his people. Emotional, compelling and unforgettable.”
Rachel Gardner, President of the Girls Brigade England and Wales. Founder of Romance Academy

“A stunning reimagining of the Scriptures which loses none of the original's punch, and adds some visceral graphic firepower. The perfect entry point to the Bible for anyone growing up in an age of comic book heroes and all-action narratives.”
Martin Saunders, Deputy CEO Youthscape

“Beautiful and impressive.”
David Lloyd, Aces Weekly

The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible brings contemporary sensibilities and a superhero tone to classic Biblical tales, revitalizing the stories without contradicting the timeless nature or religious values of the source material.”
Cliff Biggers, Comic Book News

“The richly woven tapestry of The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible dynamically renders both the biblical story and its narrative art. The innate mysteriousness of biblical epic is provocatively depicted in the artists’ spellbinding portrayal of heroes and heroines of old.”
Scott Elliot, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Adrian College

“Epic stories, epically told. The passion and power of the Bible come alive in these pages.”
Abby Guinness, Spring Harvest Event Director

“The people of God need to tell their story in ways that speak intelligibly to the contemporary culture. And it is just this kind of poetic vision that permeates The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible. From its stunning artwork to its compelling re-imagining of the biblical text, every frame seems to vibrate with an energy that exists beyond or beneath its pages, which is just how I would imagine these stories were always meant to be experienced. I highly recommend it.”
Kutter Callaway, Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary

“This fast-paced, high octane resource is a fantastic way to get to grips with the foundational Bible stories. Packed with brilliant comic illustration, this is a cracking comic book for those both in and out of the Church.”
Andy Frost, Share Jesus International

“The Bible is about extraordinary heroes with extraordinary stories because God is at work in this ordinary world. For the comic book generation who tell visual stories, here are those heroes beautifully drawn in their triumphs and failures ultimately pointing to the God who in Jesus is the mighty saviour.”
David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College and Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University

'The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible is a beautiful testament to the most exciting story ever told. More than ever, we need to find new ways of passing on our faith to the next generation – and I think the Lion Comic Book Hero Bible may just be one of them.'
Phoebe Thompson, Editor of Premier Youthwork and Premier Childrenswork.