Father, Forgive Reflections on peacemaking Andrew White

19 Apr 2013
176 pages: 138 x 216 x 12mm

For most of his ministry Canon Andrew White has been involved in reconciliation. 'The kind of people I engage with are not usually very nice,” he writes. 'On the whole, nice people do not cause wars.' In Baghdad he lives daily with violence, and has conducted too many funerals. He knows what peacemaking costs. Before he left for Baghdad in 2005 Andrew was Director of the International Centre for Reconciliation in Coventry. He bases his book on Coventry’s Litany of Reconciliation, which asks God's forgiveness for the hatred, greed, envy, indifference, lust and pride which corrupt our world.

Canon Andrew White, the vicar of St George's Church in Baghdad, has extensive experience of conflict mediation in Iraq and the wider Middle East. President and CEO of the Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East, launched in 2005, he has written extensively about conflict resolution and has been involved in many hostage negotiations. He is author of The Vicar of Baghdad.

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